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Volker Armbruster,film,sound,sounddesign,foley,field recording,geräusche,Geräuschfabrik


- Foley Artist

- Foley Editor
- Foley Recordist


Sound design / mixing / mastering

Individual sound design and sound editing
- for image film, TV, advertising, and much more

Mixtures in all sound formats.
- Stereo / Web / 5.1 theatrical mix
- Multi-channel (7.1, Dolby Atmos)
- TV mix according to EBU R-128

Scoring mix

- Music editing / customization and montage
- "High mix" for the cinema format
- a lot of experience with orchestral mixes
- different formats: stereo, 5.1 and 7.1,

3D audio formats (e.g. Dolby Atmos)


Audio restoration

Processing of difficult recording material, noise reduction, equalization and de-noise, improvement of speech intelligibility and more. Also for non-media related recordings.

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